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Chicago Pilates

Spinning BikeLooking to add cardio to your Pilates routine? We are the first Pilates studio in Chicago to offer Spinning®! Our instructors will guide you through a choreographed indoor cycling routine that will raise your heart rate and burn calories. We welcome all experience levels from the first time Spinner to the athlete. Spinning® encourages all clients to work at their own pace through varying levels of speed, resistance and positioning to burn as many as 600 calories in 40 minutes.

Not ready for a full Spinning® class? Try one of our combo classes. We offer combinations of Spinning® and Pilates for those of you looking to get it all done in one hour! This a great way to try Spinning® for the first time.

What is an Energy Zone?

At Core, all of our teachers are certified through the SPINNING® program. We teach our classes following the principles of the five Energy Zones to give you an endurance and muscle building workout. Energy Zones are heart rate based zones each aimed at reaching a certain goal.

Endurance – Shorter recovery times, higher fat metabolism and a lower resting heart rate

Resistance: Light to moderate
Cadence: 80–110 RPM
Intensity: 65%–75% of MHR

Strength – Tone your legs and build your mental strength

Resistance: Moderate to heavy
Cadence: 60–80 RPM
Intensity: 75%–85% of MHR

Interval – increase your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, which will lead to bolstered stamina and endurance

Resistance: Light to heavy
Cadence: 60–110 RPM
Intensity: 65%–92% of MHR

Race Day – Training at or above anaerobic threshold teaches your body to perform at higher intensities

Resistance: Moderate to heavy
Cadence: 80–110 RPM
Intensity: 80%–92% MHR

Recovery – Recovery Rides promote healing and circulate oxygen to tired muscles, ligaments and tendons

Resistance: Light
Cadence: 80–110 RPM
Intensity: 50–65% of MHR